A space that reflects your style will create harmony, inspiration and beauty each day 



Whether it's a first home, or a re-vamp of a well-loved family home, we help infuse your space with elements to reflect your current lifestyle

It's all in the details

The perfect piece of marble, a cool-collected vignette from your travels, or the perfect crystal chandelier, it's all about sourcing unique elements for your unique life

Small space love

City or apartment living is like no other. Each inch can be carefully considered and curated to enhance the floorpan. If you have a smaller project we offer a "Chic Up" package to consult on color concepts, space planning and an overall style guidance to get you in the right direction.  




Specializing Brownstone and Victorian Row House total renovation, we help guide the design process and source unique elements to create a space totally your own. From styling your existing kitchen with paint and accessories, to a total renovation, each project is tailored to fit your needs.

Elements of design include:

  • Space Planning
  • Cabinetry design + instillation,
  • Stone sourcing
  • Lighting
  • Paint and finishing elements

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