Natalie is the Editor-in-Chief of Upscale Living Magazine, and is an interior designer in Boston. She attributes her southern upbringing as her design influence, and the place where she learned much about home renovation, graceful interiors, and the desire to cultivate a life of beauty.

As a designer, projects include brownstone renovation and  interiors in Boston, as well as creating family homes outside the city - all that blend stylish aesthetics with function and beauty.

Named after Natalie Wood, Natalie has always felt drawn to grace and elegance of Old Hollywood. She has and an appreciation for cultural influence which is reflected in her design work.  As published in the New York Sartorialist, “Whether it’s due to cultural geography, family upbringing, or just an innate sense of style, Natalie has an elegant balance about her…she’s a throw-back to what a few of us feel ought to be.”