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king interior design boston

We create spaces that reflect the style, ideas and unique vision of each client. From bohemian to modern, a small room or total renovation, we help facilitate your vision with thoughtful space planning, sourcing of materials, and a plan to make your dream space a reality. 

ABOUT: Natalie King, principal designer

I think that above all else, interior design presents a way to live surrounded by your own ideas of beauty. When you are happy in your home this environment provides comfort, inspiration and the canvas for memories. Whether that means an eco-friendly space, a modern loft, or a rambling country home, we all have our unique ideas on living with elements that help shape and create the life we live. 

STYLE My own personal aesthetic is light, bright and on the side of modern classic. I mix 18th century antiques with clean lines and optimistic color palettes, and I always reflect back to the architecture of the space to create a balance between the past and present. Enhancing natural light, ceiling height and a sense of the outdoors inside are signature elements of each space. 

RENOVATION Restoration and renovation of brownstone residences in Back Bay, South End and Beacon Hill. Often, these properties have been stripped of architectural integrity, or need to be re-worked to compliment modern lifestyles. My work in these properties ranges from simply choosing paint and fixtures, to gutting and rebuilding the kitchen, total renovation, or designing and furnishing. I have a passion for bringing back the former beauty of historic or antique homes. 

SOURCING From the countertop stone, to the perfect sofa or art object, sourcing is all about showcasing the clients personality and style. 

I live in the city and as a child grew up in the rural south, and I this has shaped my aesthetic towards  graceful and lasting elements of beauty.