Interiors With A World View

A couture experience with each client, we source pieces unique to your style and the architecture of the space. Signature elements include understated classic pieces with moments of modern and organic simplicity. 

We get to know what home means to you. Your home can be a haven, a space that is infinitely inspiring. 

Natalie King Dining Room
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Natalie King Charlestown Project
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Natalie King Mid-century Simplicity
Natalie King North End
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City Gardens


Inspiration is everywhere. The gardenia of a client's signature perfume inspired a South End roof terrace while other projects span from meditation gardens to more classical influences of boxwoods, arborvitae and geranium. 

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Renovation & Construction


projects span from kitchen and bath renovation to total remodel and historic preservation

Contractor: Joseph Britt Design Build

Contractor: Joseph Britt Design Build

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